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Rare fabrics

These are precious fabrics, resulting from a secular expertise, resistant to life.


Intended to the private sphere, they adorn the most refined interiors, such as private mansion’s reception rooms or the furniture of a forgotten manor ...

They are the interpreters of a confidential luxury.Sparkling colors, fascinating materials, eclectic inspirations ...

These particular fabrics combine traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies innovations.

©Alexandre Serebriakoff

©Alexandre Serebriakoff


The fabric weight

Neither too thin nor too thick. It is the weight of the fabric by gram per square meter. The higher it is, the heavier the fabric will be. It defines the quality of the fabric and its thickness.

At Le Lissier, our fabrics range from 200 gr/sqm for the lightest to 700 gr/sqm for the heaviest ones.


High wear resistance: The Martindale Test

It is a standard for upholstery fabrics.

The Martindale test measures the abrasion resistance of a fabric. A machine rubs it with considerable pressure and calculates the number of turns made, until the wire breaks. The higher the number of turns, the stronger the fabric.

Le Lissier fabrics withstand at a shift number higher than 10 000.


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Fabrics are chosen for their qualities.

Finding upholstery fabrics hard wearing enough to support the movement of the sneakers/ Finding enough strong upholstery to accompany the movement of the shoe. The important thing is to know the particularities and compositions of each fabric to select them correctly.


The viscose

Obtained from natural wood fibres, it has excellent dye ability and can offer very bright colors. This gives a lightweight, strong and flexible fabric called artificial silk.



A prestigious fiber, natural and eco-friendly. Little fertiliser is required for its production.

Linen fabrics are very present in technical uses (postal bags ...) due to their rigidity, their strength and their absorbency.




It is one of the most used fabrics in clothing because of its qualities. Robust, it preserves its brilliance and resists heat; its fiber is light and breathable.

Combined with other materials such as wool or cotton, its synthetic fiber strengthens the composition of fabrics.



It is the most frequently used fibre in the world. Natural, it is also breathable, absorbent and flexible which makes the fabric comfortable with a soft touch.



It is a very soft synthetic fiber, similar to wool. It keeps the air, which makes it a good insulation. Its mesh can be worn throughout the year.



Wool stays easily clean and doesn’t absorb dust. It has the ability of felting which is very resistant and durable.